Gym Owners Thanking San Diego Community for Surviving 3-Month Closure

Tato and Jillian Silva, owners of Cali 4 Fitness are back open under phase 3 after a three month long closure

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Gyms and fitness studios are back open across San Diego County as of Friday following a three month shut down, and owners are doing everything they can to keep up with new sanitation measures.

“We’re going to make you sweat then we’re going to make you clean up your own sweat,” said gym owner Jillian Silva with a smile.

Boutique style gyms such as Cali 4 Fitness in Bay Park say they have relied on their clients to help keep them in business these last several months.

“We’re doing the right thing, we’re helping people and no matter what happens we’ll be here for our members and I know they were there for us,” said Tato Silva, Cali 4 Fitness co-owner.

To keep up with new safety and sanitation guidelines, Cali 4 Fitness installed a sanitation station to help keep their clients and surfaces stay germ free.

“We take your temperature beforehand, give you hand sanitizer, spray the bottom of your feet,” said Jillian.

Tato and Jillian Silva own Cali 4 Fitness, which is back open under Phase 3 after a three-month long closure, reports NBC 7's Melissa Adan.

The husband-and-wife-owned fitness studio has done away with shared spaces in favor of personal work out spots -- Ten 6 foot by 6 foot boxes outlined by tape.

“We are like 100% committed,” said Tato. “Make that 110 percent,” exclaimed Jillian.

The studio is offering daily classes in person and online via Zoom.

“I think it’ll help put people’s minds at ease given uncertainty that some people aren’t ready to come back to the gym yet, so this way they aren’t lapsing in service,” explained Jillian.

While some San Diegans are avoiding indoor exercises for now, others are looking for that in-person energy.

“To have the coach tell me, ‘Let's go, let's go,’ and keep telling me, ‘Keep going, keep going,’ that helps,” said Jennifer Milesbolt.

The gym is requiring their members wipe each station after use, then it's cleaned again by one of the owners before any class. Additionally, they've hired a professional cleaning crew to do a daily disinfection.

“That’s the only and best thing I feel like we can do and should do, is to take care of ourselves,” said Tato.

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