Small Brush Fires Pop Up in Mountain View, Threatening Homes

Two small brush fires, just blocks apart, briefly threatened homes in Mountain View Saturday. 

The first fire broke out around 4 p.m. near South 46th Street in vegetation. The flames spread to a nearby building. 

The fire was put out with the help of a helicopter and damaged three structures and some fencing.

Janelle Woodson was at home with her four dogs when the fire started. Watching the flames move closer and closer left her speechless.

Luckily, her pups, Charlie, Paige, Shy Shy and Trixie, were all right, but their food and water bowls were among the ashes in Woodson's torched yard. 

"I'm not worried about that," she said. "That's material, just as long as they're okay. I can't get them back." 

As the helicopter helped fight the first fire, it spotted the second from the air, just blocks away at the 47th Street exit from Interstate 805, at a dumping ground.

The flames charred half an acre before crews put the fire out. 

Crews were “overhauling” the fire, which means the flames were out, but officials will go over it to make sure no embers reignite.

No further information was available. 

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