Sky Tram Could Grace San Diego’s Skies

You could soon whiz across the city -- from downtown San Diego to Balboa Park -- from above.

It’s part of a plan passed Tuesday by the county’s board of supervisors to bring a gondola, or sky tram, to San Diego, connecting downtown near the Convention Center to Balboa Park near the Organ Pavilion.

County Supervisor Ron Roberts said now that the board has passed the proposal, the next step is to conduct a feasibility study to determine how – and if – to move forward.

The county allocated $75,000 to the San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) to complete or find an expert to complete the analysis.

The goal is not only to provide another transit link, but to add to San Diego’s burgeoning tourism industry.

It’s “not only a transit link, but something that is fun,” Roberts said.

We asked several tourists what they thought of the idea and it was seemingly a hit.

“I think having a gondola down here would be a great time,” said Phoenix, Arizona, resident Chris Bustelik. “For tourists, we would enjoy ourselves, spend a little extra on it, take a ride off our feet. We’d do that.”

“I think that’s something pretty innovative,” echoed Oklahoma City resident Kurt Foreman. “I think a lot of cities don’t have that so a lot of places are trying to have different things and make it innovative. I would use it.”

Roberts hopes the feasibility study will be completed by the end of the year.

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