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Skaters, Bikers Sparring at Carmel Valley Pump Track

Skateboarders and cyclist seem to think the park isn’t big enough for the both of them.

San Diego Police are looking for a skateboarder who attacked a man in front of his daughter at a local park.

The assault happened yesterday afternoon at the new Carmel Valley "Pump Park.” It’s similar to a traditional skate park but rather than ramps and staircases it features a track with berms and bumps.

Skateboarders and cyclist seem to think the park isn’t big enough for the both of them.

On Tuesday afternoon, Vlad Kroutik got his bike stuck on the third hill of the track. He says a tall man in his 20's hit him in the knee with his skateboard after the two exchanged words about sharing the track.

The scuffle happened in front of Kroutik's 12-year-old daughter.

"All those kids don't feel safe going there. Somebody in broad daylight can just attack you -- attack an adult. What about attacking a kid?" Kroutik said.

Kroutik filed a police report. The complaint was originally considered assault with a deadly weapon, but police are now investigating it as a battery case.

Kroutik also brought his complaint to the Carmel Valley Community Advisory Board (CVCAB) on which he sits.

"It’s very noisy in the park,” he said. Not just noisy during the day but during the night time."

The park closes at sunset, but most nights that doesn’t stop anyone from hanging around.

Following the rules appears to be so difficult for some that grievances have forced community leaders and police to get involved.

Kroutik’s complaint wasn’t the only unruly report heard at the CVCAB’s Wednesday meeting.

"This problem has been seen from the beginning and the Mayor has been notified about this from the beginning and the Mayor has done nothing."

Kroutik says the pump park should be dirt, not concrete, and skateboarders should be prohibited. There is a separate skateboard park a few hundred yards away.

"It’s a little like the ocean,” visitor Michael Bream said. “You just mix it up and have fun, have a good time. It’s a little crowded right now because the park is brand new."

The rules allow both two and four-wheel traffic on the track, for now. Riders are warned to ride at their own risk.

The CVCAB can only make recommendations to the San Diego Department of Parks and Recreation. Should the board decide to act on the complaints it heard Wednesday, it will become an agenda item at the next meeting.

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