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Encinitas Skateboarder Lands 1260 Trick, Makes History at X Games

Mitchell "Mitchie" Brusco, 22, competed in Skateboard Big Air at the X Games Minneapolis 2019 on Aug. 3 and became the first skateboarder in history to land a 1260 in the competition

A professional skateboarder from San Diego’s North County is being held in high regard by fans, peers and icon Tony Hawk after becoming the first-ever skateboarder to land a 1260 trick at the X Games.

With laser-sharp focus, Encinitas resident Mitchell "Mitchie" Brusco, 22, made history in the "Skateboard Big Air" final at the X Games Minneapolis 2019 this past Saturday.

The trick he was hoping to land was a 1260: three-and-a-half rotations.

It had never been achieved by any skaters – including Hawk – in competition.

A clip posted to YouTube by the X Games shows the moment of big air glory. About 12 seconds after barreling down the ramp at U.S. Bank Stadium, Brusco lands the 1260.

"Oh, my gosh! Mitch! He just lands the…" a flabbergasted X Games announcer can be heard shouting in the video. "What is going on?"

The crowd erupts into cheers.

"Knight of Columbus!" another astonished announcer shouts.

The camera cuts to Brusco’s fellow skaters at the top of the ramp. They are awestruck and smiling from ear-to-ear.

Following the feat, Brusco slides down the ramp on his knees and hugs his teammates. The camera zooms in on his face; his expression is stoic.

"I don’t believe what I’m seeing!" an announcer shouts.

"Look how focused he is, right there; that is incredible," comments the second announcer.

Then, comes the slow-motion replay. 

One announcer dissects Brusco’s trick, commenting, "His head is already spinning on the take-off."

"Mitchie Brusco goes where no person has gone before: a 1260 at the X Games!" one announcer says.

"Wow," replies the other.

Getty Images
MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA - AUGUST 03: Mitchie Brusco practices prior to the Skateboard Big Air Final at the X Games Minneapolis 2019 at U.S. Bank Stadium on August 03, 2019 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

According to Sports Illustrated, Brusco’s 1260 was a full rotation more than the first-ever 900 achieved by Hawk at the X Games in 1999.

Hawk, of course, was impressed.

The skating legend took to Twitter Saturday to congratulate Brusco "on the first-ever 1260." The big air moment apparently left Hawk gasping for air.

"I’m speechless," Hawk’s tweet read.

Brusco’s 1260 ultimately propelled him to win the silver medal at the X Games Minneapolis 2019. To date, the skating prodigy has 10 X Games medals: one gold, four silver, and five bronze.

According to the X Games website, Brusco debuted at the X Games in 2011 as a 14-year-old athlete. He would go on to win gold seven years later. At the X Games Barcelona in 2013, Brusco became the first skater to land a 1080, topping Hawk’s 900. At the X Games in Shanghai, he attempted a 1260 twice, but no dice.

But, as they say, practice makes perfect.

According to Brusco’s X Games bio, the skateboarder is also an avid skydiver, "with more than 950 jumps" in the past four years.

That explains his draw – and success – when it comes to getting big air.

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