Signs of Life at Pernicano’s Restaurant

Pernicano's lot fills a need for Hillcrest business owners

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After 25 years, there are signs of life at Pernicano's restaurant in Hillcrest. The eatery's parking lot is now open to the public.

Parking in the Hillcrest neighborhood is tight. Councilmember Todd Gloria says parking in Hillcrest is a top priority.

"When people come here and are able to find 36 new parking spaces available, they are going to stop, shop, they are going to patronize our businesses, and that means jobs for our community," said Gloria.

The Pernicano's restaurant and parking lot closed in 1985, locked up tight with six-foot fences surrounding the complex. Stanley Cook, Pernicano family spokesperson, says the parking lot is just the first step towards re-developing the block.

"I'm so happy to see this parking lot open for customers," said Hillcrest business owner Amy Capano.  "I never thought I'd be excited about a parking lot, or parking spaces, but I am so ecstatic for this day to happen."

Opened in 1950, the restaurant was a staple in the San Diego community, and very popular with Hollywood celebrities.

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