Signs of Gratitude for Firefighters Pop Up Along Streets in Bonsall

Signs are thanking firefighters and first responders for their hard work

As people are returning back to their homes in Bonsall, many are finding ways to thank first responders for their hard work.

Signs of appreciation are popping up one by one along different streets as neighbors learn of the heroic efforts made by firefighters to save their homes.

A small token of appreciation now sits at the end of a driveway off of Lilac Road in Bonsall.

Inside the gate are 13 horses, two cats, 22 chickens, a family of four and their house.

The family business of competitive show jumping also calls this home.

The stakes were high for Tom Joyce and Heather Young, knowing that if the Lilac Fire took their property, they would lose everything.

Thursday, as the fire grew, they evacuated with all the horses, really only taking one item with them. Tom's late brother's riding jacket.

That night while the two were glued to the news in an evacuation center, firefighters were saving their home.                      

"Two guys came down here and they hooked a garden hose up to our house and they basically saved the house and the barns," Young said. "So when we came in Friday morning, we drove in here seeing all of the burn all around us not knowing what we were going to find. We came down the hill and the house and the barns were still standing and so I started crying and we were just incredibly grateful."

"Absolutely phenomenal," Joyce added. "That they risk their lives to save somebody else's property and livelihood, really."

The couple is hoping to meet the firefighters who saved their home and thank them in person. 

NBC 7 has been in touch with different fire agencies to hopefully make that happen.

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