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Should Medical Marijuana Be Allowed on School Campuses?

Local experts weigh in on a proposed law

It's a hotly debated topic made more prominent now that recreational marijuana is legal in California: Should children who require medicinal cannabis be allowed to take it to school? 

A California State Senator is proposing a new law that would let children take pot on camps. It would enable K-12 school districts to choose if a parent can administer medicinal pot to children at school. 

The student would have to be a medical cannabis patient with a doctor's recommendation. 

Some doctors stress that marijuana can reduce symptoms of seizure disorders, cancer, and other disorders in children. 

NBC 7 reached out to the San Diego County Office of Education to see if marijuana would ever be allowed on local school campuses. They said the proposal is not practical. 

"All schools get federal funding. We have to abide by federal law," explained Jim Crittenden, program specialist of prevention and safety for the San Diego County Office of Education. "Because it is still a Schedule 1 drug federally, any marijuana product or derivative would still be illegal to bring on school campus." 

Do you think medicinal pot should be allowed on school campuses? 

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