Man Carrying Large Rock Tased, Shot by Officer

The officer-involved shooting happened after police were called to a home in Mira Mesa on a domestic violence disturbance

SDPD officers tased and shot a man in Mira Mesa Friday night after he allegedly made threatening gestures and verbal remarks toward officers.

According to the San Diego Police Department, officers responded to a domestic violence disturbance at a residence in the 8800 block of Scorpius Way and Bootes Street at around 8:40 p.m.

A woman had called police to report that she was allegedly being attacked by her husband. The woman also told police her husband had threatened to attack officers when they arrived so the officers would shoot him, SDPD officials said.

When police arrived at the scene, the domestic violence suspect exited the home and walked into the street. Officers could see the man was holding some sort of object in his hand, but due to the rain and poor lightning conditions, they couldn’t identify the object.

SDPD officials say that’s when officers gave the man verbal commands to drop whatever he was carrying. The man allegedly ignored those commands and raised the object above his head while making verbal threats toward officers.

An officer then deployed his service taser on the suspect, but it didn’t appear to affect him. Police say the man continued to advance on the officers in a threatening manner.

Fearing an assault, a second officer fired his duty weapon, striking the man. The suspect fell to the ground and dropped the object he was carrying, which was a large rock, officials said.

Medics transported the man to Scripps Memorial Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. He is expected to survive.

The officers on scene were not injured in this incident. SDPD officials confirmed that the officer involved in the shooting is a 12-year veteran of the Department. His name was not released.

The suspect’s name has also not yet been released.

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