Bicyclist Shot by Police in El Cajon

Police in El Cajon shot a man they said was unlawfully riding his bicycle on a sidewalk Friday morning.

The shooting happened at about 9:30 a.m. on Walter Way and the 1300 block of East Main Street, according to the El Cajon Police Department.

Police said a man – now identified as El Cajon resident Raymond Lee Goodlow -- was riding his bike on the sidewalk, which is against municipal code. An officer attempted to pull him over, and Goodlow appeared to be evading officers by pulling into the parking lot of a car dealership.

When police caught up with him, police said Goodlow put his hands in his waistband. He was told to show his hands but allegedly didn't comply with police orders.

Believing the man was arming himself, an officer fired several rounds at Goodlow. At least one bullet appeared to have hit his face, according to a spokesperson with the El Cajon Police Department.

Officials said the officer involved in this shooting has been with the El Cajon Police Department for more than two years.

According to police, Goodlow’s injuries are not life-threatening, but he was taken to the hospital. On Friday evening, police said Goodlow was recovering in the hospital and was in stable condition.

After investigation and a search of the crime scene, detectives say they found two knives with Goodlow’s clothing. The clothes were cut off by medics while treating Goodlow at the scene.

It is still unclear if the suspect was reaching for those knives in his waistband.

Meanwhile, residents in the area say Goodlow lived a transient lifestyle.

Several streets were shut down in the area after the shooting, and police remained gathered in the car lot where the shooting occurred for hours after it happened.

One neighbor recalled hearing police attempting to pull someone over, then several shots.
When she came out of her home, she said she saw police surrounding a bicycle, and medics transporting the individual.

As of Friday night, investigators are still evaluating potential criminal charges against Goodlow, if any. He is not in custody at this time.

Police are asking any witnesses in this case to contact the El Cajon Police Department at (619) 579-3311.

The incident comes less than a day after an officer-involved shooting in the College Area of San Diego. There, while police were serving a search warrant, they fatally shot one suspect and conducted an hours-long search for the other suspect. The second suspect was eventually taken into custody. 

Check back for more details on this developing story. 

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