Shoppers Ditching Jeans for Yoga Pants, Leggings

The popularity of jeans is plummeting as many women are turning to the more-comfortable counterpart: yoga pants and leggings.

Domestic sales of jeans have dropped 6 percent since 2013, and companies like Levi Strauss & Co. are struggling to find new ways to keep denim from going out of fashion. The cozy alternative for some women is Lululemon.

“Skinny jeans are the new thing and those aren’t the most comfortable things ever so I just wear leggings instead,” San Diego resident Katie Root said.

So why are people moving to yoga pants? It’s not just style and comfort. It’s also cost.

Premium denim starts at $250, compared to yoga pants that start at $20 at Target.

“Women want to feel good. They want to look good and if you look good in yoga pants, good for you,” said Tanya McAnear of Bad Madge & company.

McAnear also pointed out that fashion is often recycled. In the 1980s it was all about tights and leg warmers. Thirty years later, the fad is leggings and yoga pants.

So when do ladies in San Diego wear jeans?

"December when it rains and I have to wear boots," said resident Kim Keilanifite.

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