Shots Fired in Mission Bay Parking Lot

Children on a school field trip ducked for cover as San Diego police opened fire on a man armed with a gun.

The students witnessed the officer-involved shooting in the 2800 block of N. Mission Bay Drive near De Anza Cove around noon Wednesday. 

The man, now identified by officials as Lance Tamayo, called 911 and said he was sitting in his car and was going to shoot himself, San Diego Police said.

Officers surrounded the car and attempted to talk the man out. Police said Tamayo was initially cooperative and got out of his vehicle to turn himseld in.

Quickly thereafter, however, his plans changed.

Tamayo got back inside his vehicle and pulled out a handgun.

Witnesses said the man got out of a car, waved the gun around, pointed it at his head, pointed it at police officers and even pointed it up at the police helicopter. Officials said Tamayo also pointed the weapon at civilians in the park.

The same witnesses said the man was shot once by police officers in what appeared to be his chest. He went down to the ground and then got up again and walked over to a shaded area where police handcuffed him.

There were nearly a dozen police patrol cars on the scene just west of Interstate 5 along North Mission Bay Drive.

The school students were on a field trip to Mission Bay and witnessed the incident. No one was injured except for Tamayo.

[G] Officer-Involved Shooting in Mission Bay

On Saturday, the San Diego Police Department confirmed the officer who fired the shot was Officer Michael Weaver, an SDPD Northern Division officer with nine years on the force.

Tamayo was struck in the stomach area and transported to Scripps La Jolla via ambulance. As of Saturday, police said he remained hospitalized in critical but stable condition.

Police said Tamayo will face felony charges for brandishing a handgun at citizens and police.

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