San Diego

CHP: Driver Attacks Officer, Flees on Foot

The driver of a BMW refused to give a CHP officer his license before attacking him, police say

California Highway Patrol officers are combing a neighborhood east of downtown San Diego for a man they say attacked an officer during a traffic stop Thursday.

The driver of BMW was spotted by CHP while traveling along State Route 54. Officers say the man - described as 31 years old - was driving erratically.

The BMW pulled over in the driveway of a home along 30th Street near Island Avenue at approximately 6:40 a.m.

As he was being evaluated by an officer, the man was uncooperative, CHP investigators said.

The driver refused to give the CHP officer his license and then attacked the officer, fighting with him to the ground, police said.

CHP called San Diego Police to assist.

The driver ran from the area on foot heading left on Island Avenue, police said.

CHP officers advised King Chavez Academy nearby that the man was in the area.

The school's principal told NBC 7 that staff is not on lockdown but are in a state of "precaution" which means doors are locked and on teachers are on alert.

The two agencies set up a perimeter around the area, and dispatched K-9 units, but they never found him.

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