Sheriff Responds to SDPD's ‘Running Man Challenge'

The San Diego County Sheriff responded to the San Diego Police Department’s “Running Man Challenge” in a big, over-the-top way.

Sheriff Bill Gore posted his department’s own response to the challenge on social media on Thursday, showing off his deputies’ sweet dance moves.

You might remember that San Diego Police took on its counterparts at the sheriff’s department to the challenge last month.

The challenge, in case you haven’t seen the craze on the internet, entails a dance to the Ghost Town DJs song “My Boo” that incorporates the Running Man dance move of the 1990s.

In their “Running Man” video, sheriff’s employees took to the crime lab, the San Diego County Fair and the beach and even included their police tracking dogs and mounted patrol in the jig.

At one point in the 6-minute video, sheriff’s deputies even blow up an abandoned car. Way to go big!

At the end of the clip, Sheriff Gore challenges residents to “dig down in your pockets and give to your charity of your choice.” He said he plans to donate to Alzheimer’s San Diego in honor of former sheriff, Bill Kolender, who passed away last fall.

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