Shedding Light For a Santee Woman in Need.

NBC 7 Responds helps close what one Home Depot customer believed was an open and shut case.

Nadine Kerr loves the shutter she had installed in her Santee home. So much so, the 82-year-old started saving two years ago to get the same shutters installed in her bedrooms as well.

“We saved a long time to get two more sets,” said Kerr. “They aren’t cheap.”

It took Kerr two years to save the $2,000 she needed to get the new shutters. When she had enough she called Home Depot, the same company that sold and installed the other shutters in her house and placed an order. 

A person from Home Depot arrived at her house late last year to measure and give an estimate.

Kerr said the order was simple.

“I told her,” said Nadine, “I want these exact same shutters done the exact same way.”

Kerr said the worker showed her the estimate and asked her to sign.

“The paper was kind of jumbled up and I didn’t really understand what it said but I trusted everything was right, because it was the exact same order, same size of windows that I had done before.”

That, said Kerr, was a mistake.

“A few weeks later the installer came and brought in the shutters. I didn’t ask to look what came in because again, I trusted everything was in order,” said Kerr.

When the installation was complete and the technician had already left Kerr looked at her new shutters.

“These are not what we ordered,” said Kerr. “They were not what I ordered and they were not what I paid for.”

Kerr said she called Home Depot immediately. She called them twice a week for the next three months.

“It would always end with them telling me that they will talk to their supervisors and get back to me,” said Kerr. “But that never happened.”

Kerr went to her neighborhood Home Depot. She said they told her that the mistake was hers.

“They told me it was my fault because I signed the installation paper.”

Kerr said she felt shut out and needed help.

That’s when she came up with an idea.

“I’m a Channel 39 Girl and I see Consumer Bob all of the time,” said Kerr. “I told my daughter, ‘Hey, I’m going to call Consumer Bob and she said, ‘You go mom.’”

Kerr called NBC 7 Responds and sent all of her documentation. A weeks later, Kerr got the shutter she wanted.

“I got my new shutters and they are perfect. They are beautiful,” she said. “NBC 7 Responds, you made all the difference. And, now I’m a happy NBC customer.”

In a statement, a spokesperson for Home Depot told NBC 7 Responds that the company “always aims to communicate project details clearly and were happy to adjust the shutters for Ms. Kerr.”

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