‘She Was So Joyful' Say Sisters of Woman Killed in Coronado Drunk Driving Crash

Sarai Valentina Olvera leaves behind her 7-year-old daughter, her family said

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Family have identified Sarai Valentina Olvera, 26, as the woman killed in a car crash overnight Friday in Coronado. Coronado police originally said the victim was 25-years-old. On Monday NBC 7 spoke with Sarai's family from Riverside who remembers her as a loving and fun sister.

"So was so joyful, she was a great person," said Lilian Olvera, who was with her sister at the time of the accident. "My sister had a really big heart for everybody."

Lilian said she and her older sister Sarai decided to visit San Diego Thursday night with their friend who was behind the wheel, Erwin Mejia Ramos, 20.

"We decided to go to Oceanside actually to just go to the beach and I honestly don't really remember how we ended up in Coronado because I've never been there myself," said Lilian.

Lilian admits they were drinking and said she and her sister were passengers of the white car driven by Ramos which ended up crashing into a lamp post along Orange Avenue around midnight Friday. The impact was so severe it crushed the backside of the car where Sarai was sitting.

"I didn't really like process everything, but you know, after, it was hard to see her there unconscious," Lilian said through tears.

Lilian was taken to the hospital where she recovered from her injuries. As for the driver, Ramos was arrested for DUI and manslaughter.

"For one, you know drinking and driving is not something anybody should be doing and I'm sorry," said Lilian through tears. "That is a serious thing that nobody should be doing."

Sarai lived in Riverside and leaves behind her 7-year-old daughter.

"She always wanted everybody to be happy," said Lilian. "That's what she wanted in life, just her and her daughter to be happy and to be there for her daughter."

It's a painful memory now etched into Lilian's mind as she pleads for others to not make the same mistake.

"It's been hard for us, but having us in their prayers, letting us know that you know, we will see her again, we will reunite her," she said.

Ramos is booked in jail and will be arraigned on his charges Tuesday afternoon in court.

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