New Victims Come Forward Against Sharp Hospital's Hidden Cameras

Sharp Grossmont Hospital secretly recorded women giving birth and undergoing other surgical procedures between July 2012 and June 2013

Two more women, who were secretly recorded while giving birth and undergoing surgical procedures at Sharp Grossmont Hospital, are suing the hospital, joining dozens of other women.

These women are among thousands that were secretly recorded inside Sharp Grossmont Hospital Women's Health Center. The women told NBC 7 the surveillance happened when they were vulnerable and exposed.

“This is hurting more women than it’s helping,” said Jennifer Ellis, one of the women recorded.

Ellis is among the growing list of women suing Sharp Grossmont Hospital after her intimate surgical procedure was secretly recorded in 2013.

“My grandfather passed away from a minor surgical procedure under general anesthesia, so this was my first time ever having surgery, and I did not know what was going to happen,” said Ellis.

Ellis said the last thing she’d expect was that her procedure would be recorded and reviewed by non-medical staff.

“It wasn’t for my health or well-being, it was to catch a thief, and I feel really betrayed,” said Ellis.

Sharp Grossmont Hospital said motion-detecting cameras were in place between July 2012 and June 2013 in an effort to catch an alleged anesthesia drug thief.

In 2016, a class-action lawsuit was filed against the hospital, and since then many more women have come forward.

The women are partnering up with the Gomez Trial Attorneys to sue Sharp Grossmont Hospital. Attorney Allison Worden said they so far have 181 claims against the hospital and that list keeps growing.

“I felt violated -- that’s a confidentiality there that’s supposed to be there for me and all women, and it was totally out the window,” said April Lockhart, another woman recorded by the hospital.

Lockhart was rushed in for an emergency-c section back in October of 2012.

“I was laying on the table strap down naked, already in my most vulnerable moments,” said Lockhart.

Years later, Lockhart found out her delivery was secretly recorded.

“It was my favorite hospital to go to, but they totally violated everything they stand for,” Lockhart said.

In a statement posted on Sharp Grossmont Hospital’s website, it stated the videos in its possession are kept in a secured safe and it apologized for efforts that may have caused any distress.

“They need to treat their hospital like a hospital and not like a business,” said Ellis. “People go here with their most intimate issues and problems, and they trust Sharp will keep that a secret.”

Lockhart and Ellis said they would appreciate personal apologies from the hospital. Rather they found out of the hospital's statement posted on their website, like the public did.

Sharp Grossmont Hospital also stated the surveillance video did help them catch the person it believed was taking drugs from the hospital. It said that person no longer works at Sharp HealthCare.

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