Shark Spotted Swimming Near Oceanside Pier

No injuries were reported in connection to the shark sighting

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A shark was spotted Sunday morning swimming offshore near Oceanside Pier, lifeguards confirmed.

The approximately 9-foot long shark was seen swimming about 300 yards from the pier. Gregory Trebbe, Oceanside Fire Department’s Beach Lifeguard Sgt., said it is unclear what species of shark was spotted.

Video footage of the shark captured the creature getting caught on a fishing line or net of some sort. Someone was then seen in the video climbing down a ladder on the side of a pier to try to free it.

Trebbe confirmed what was captured on video and said the individual was "able to get the shark off the hook after approximately 25 minutes, but he did not state how."

As a result of the sighting, the Oceanside Fire Department’s Lifeguard Division made public announcements warning swimmers in the water of the shark. Additionally, signs were posted at the beach and a vessel was deployed to further investigate.

“The Oceanside Fire Department Lifeguard Division would like to reiterate that sightings are rare along our coastline,” Trebbe said in a statement. “Additionally, when seen, these animals are typically just passing through our waters.”

No injuries have been reported in connection to the sighting.

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