Shacknai Company Sells for $2.6B

An Arizona pharmaceutical company CEO, whose girlfriend and son died in a Coronado mansion last summer, has sold his company.

Company officials announced Monday that Medicis Pharmaceutical Corporation was acquired by another pharmaceutical company for $2.8 billion.

Jonah Shacknai was the CEO and Chairman of the Scottsdale company. It is not yet known if he will maintain a leadership role with the parent company now.

Shacknai's son Max fell down the stairs of his home -- Coronado's Spreckels mansion -- in July 2011. About a week later, Max died.

While Max was in the hospital, Shacknai's girlfriend, Rebecca Zahau was found hanging naked from the mansion's balcony.

Click here for a timeline of events in the two deaths.

An official investigation by the San Diego County Sheriff's Department's homicide investigators concluded that her death was a suicide.

Investigators concluded that Rebecca Zahau tied rope to bedposts and around her wrists and ankles, she loosely bound her wrists, took one arm out and put both arms behind her back before tightening the noose.

However, Zahau's family has contested the investigation, insisting that the 32-year-old was killed.

Jonah Shacknai has stood by the Sheriff's Department conclusions, and cooperated with authorities throughout the investigation. He requested a second review by the State Attorney General to quiet speculation in the months following Zahau's death that she was killed. The Attorney General declined to review the case.

"I respect and accept the determination of the chief law enforcement authority in the State of California that the circumstances of this investigation do not warrant further review by the Attorney General at this time," he wrote to Attorney General Kamala Harris.

"Given the unusual facts of this tragedy," he continued, "I understand that Rebecca’s family and others continue to have questions. If at any time there is new substantive evidence bearing on this case, it should be presented, not in tabloid form to fuel rumor and innuendo, but rather to appropriate law enforcement authorities who may determine whether further investigation is warranted."

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