Jacumba Residents Have Mixed Reaction to Convict's Release

Mikel Wayne Marshall’s new home has people in this small quiet town talking

A Sexually Violent Predator has been released from prison and is living in San Diego County.

On Wednesday, sheriff's deputies went door to door to tell those who live in Jacumba Hot Springs about their new neighbor.

Mikel Wayne Marshall served 14 years for molesting four boys back in the 90. He is living in Jacumba and residents are concerned this area has become a dumping ground for predators.

On the same dirt road as a private property sign there now lives a sexually violent predator.

Marshall was released from Coalinga State mental Hospital Friday. He's living on Desert Rose Ranch Road in Jacumba.

"I don't think it's fair. I think there are other places they can go,” said David Landman, owner of Jacumba Hot Springs Spa.,

"There aren't words to explain how uncomfortable and scary and unsafe it is,” said Amanda Cunnington, a mother of three.

Marshall’s new home has people in this small quiet town talking. At Jacumba Hot Springs Spa, owner Landman has posted a picture of Marshall for his patrons to see. Right now he and others say they aren't afraid.

“It's my understanding that there's going to be 24 hour surveillance for the next two to three years. For the short time I'm not really that worried about the community,” Landman said.

"Well they found the perfect place. There's nothing out there,” said business owner Don Ruth. "No, I'm not concerned plus he's wearing a monitor.”

Officials say Marshall will have two security personnel living him for a certain time and will be required to wear a GPS bracelet. But for mother, Amanda Cunnington, it's still not enough.

“Your kids and walk to the store and back home and it's always been safe but having that around and it's not been the only one, it's unsafe and a very uneasy feeling,” Cunnington said.

The sheriff's department says it did not have a say in where Marshall lived. That was left up to the California State Department of Hospitals.

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