State Withdraws Placement Proposal for Sex Predator

The Department of State Hospitals has withdrawn a proposal to house a sexually violent predator in a Borrego Springs home that’s already occupied.

The withdrawal came Wednesday just hours after NBC 7 asked the agency for an explanation.

The proposal as set forth Tuesday was to place 49-year-old Gary Snavely, a man convicted of molesting two girls under age 10, at a residence in the 3100 block of Club Circle East.

But that residence belongs to Victor Egemo, who just moved in a month ago and had no plans to leave.

“I’m going to be living there for a while,” Egemo said. “This Gary guy, I’m not associated with him. I don’t know this guy.”

Egemo said he had no idea the state wanted to place a sexually violent predator in his home until people started calling and messaging him, concerned for his safety.

But then on Wednesday, the SAFE Task Force issued a news release, stating Snavely will remain in the Coalinga State Hospital in Fresno County and that the public will be notified when another site location is identified.

The Department of State Hospitals told NBC 7 the address was correct and the agency was aware the residence was occupied. The agency said the landlord had planned to vacate the property but then withdrew the offer to rent to the state.

It’s a huge relief to Egemo, who joked he wasn’t looking for a roommate.

Egemo’s biggest concern was people believing he supported the placement, or worse, mistaking him for Snavely.

Snavely was convicted of molesting two girls in Orange County in 1987.

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