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Sex Assault Suspect Gropes Sleeping Woman in Oceanside

Footage from the scene showed a man in handcuffs being walked out of the home in a long sleeve shirt and red boxer shorts

A man was arrested on sex assault charges Monday after allegedly entering a short-term rental beachfront home in Oceanside and groping a sleeping woman, according to the Oceanside Police Department. 

Kwahmell Archer, 24, allegedly entered the home through an unlocked door on South Pacific Street south of Wisconsin Avenue through an unlocked door at about 4 a.m., OPD Officer Tom Bussey said. 

Once inside, Archer allegedly stripped off his clothes inside a closet. Moments later, he came out of the closet and allegedly began touching a sleeping 49-year-old woman, police said.

The woman screamed, which woke other people in the house as the suspect ran back into a closet to hide.

"We're only assuming he went back in the closet so he could put his clothes on," Bussey said. "He was only in his underwear when officers contacted him in the closet."

OPD said 16 adults and four children were in the home at the time and several held the man in the closet until police officers arrived and took the suspect into custody. 

Footage from the scene showed Archer in handcuffs being walked out of the home in a long sleeve shirt and what appeared to be red boxer shorts. 

Archer was booked into the Vista Detention Center on one count of assault with intent to commit rape and held on a $1 million bail. 

He was a former star football player from Serra High School. Archer was a wide receiver for the Conquistadores.

Beachfront Only, the company that manages the property, said the company takes the safety of its guests seriously. The key codes on the front doors are changed with every new visit.

There are high-grade security locks on every bedroom door, lockable from the inside and requiring a key to get in.

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