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Sex Assault Survivors Protest ‘Bolder Than Most' Rapist's Release

A judge will decide Friday if the "Bolder Than Most" rapist, a sexually violent predator a little more than halfway through a 50-year sentence handed down to him in the 80s, will be released into a remote east county community.

Alvin Quarles was granted release from a state hospital by Judge David Gill on Oct. 12 into a supervised conditional release program.

Judge Gill ordered Quarles’ release to a Jacumba Hot Springs residence at 43050 Desert Rose Ranch Road be completed by Nov. 30, but East County residents upset by the placement, and victims of Quarles upset that he’s being released at all, rallied Thursday to try and stop it.

Victims and their family and friends demonstrated in Downtown street with hopes of sending a message to the judge they want Quarles to stay in a state hospital for his entire 50-year sentence.

"It has hit me very hard and I see it in every aspect of my life,” victim Mary Taylor said. She has been outspoken in protesting Quarles release since it was announced.

Quarles had 14 victims, four of whom were raped at knifepoint. His brutal attacks earned him the "Bolder Than Most" rapist moniker before his sentencing in 1989.

"Once I knew he was gone for 50 years I worked on my own healing and I did a good job,” Taylor said. Since he was granted release, Taylor has started a petition to keep him in a state hospital. The District Attorney’s office has also filed a motion to stop his release.

Taylor hopes the judge changes his mind and puts an end to her reoccurring nightmare.

"I also stand here with every sexual assault survivor out there and say ‘You know what? We gotta change the laws."

The sexual assault survivors will not have the chance to speak at Friday’s hearing but they will be allowed in the courtroom. Quarles will not be at the hearing.

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