Serial Tagger Accused in 78 Acts of Vandalism Since Last Year: San Diego Police

Ricardo Romero, 44, was arrested Monday; he’s accused of serial vandalism around San Diego County over the last 7 months


A man accused in 78 separate acts of vandalism that racked up a combined $18,000 in damages has been arrested, San Diego police confirmed.

The alleged serial tagger, Ricardo Romero, 44, was arrested Monday by members of the San Diego Police Department’s Graffiti Strike Force.

The SDPD said Romero has been at it since October 2019.

He was booked into San Diego Central jail on 74 counts of vandalism. At least seven of those charges are for felony vandalism causing more than $400 in damage, booking records show. The remaining 67 are misdemeanor counts for vandalism under $400.

Romero’s arraignment is scheduled for May 29.

Police posted a photo on social media this week of a speed limit sign covered by graffiti, with news of Romero’s arrest and this message: “Taggers LOVE notoriety, but probably not this kind.”

Romero’s bail was set at $40,001. No further details were released.

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