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Seniors Share Gripes Over Electric Scooters Clogging Sidewalks

A group of senior citizens living in Hillcrest raised their concerns about the misuse of electric scooters in their neighborhood.

They spent Thursday evening voicing their frustrations to City Councilmember Chris Ward at a meeting at the Trinity Manor Apartments. They say riders are leaving their scooters scattered on the ground, and complain that many of the riders are unlicensed.

“What happens when one of these kids hits you and you have now a claim? The kid is long gone,” one woman said.

Seniors say scooters, whether they have riders on them or not, have become a danger on the sidewalks.

David Voth told Councilman Ward he wants more enforcement on scooter regulations.

"I see underage kids riding these scooters like Kamikazes in the street,” he said. “They don't pay attention to the street signs, they don't pay attention to right of way."

Nick Machniski was frustrated with how scooters and bikes are just left anywhere.

"The bicycles that arrived for the rental on the street, they were all over the place as I remember. But is it my imagination? I'm not seeing them,” he said.

Machinski said it’s easy for anyone, young or old, to trip over a scooter or bike and hurt themselves.

The group doesn’t think the issue is going to go away any time soon.

Councilmen Ward listened to their concerns and said he will bring them to the City Council.

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