4 Seniors from LJCDS Class of 2020 Move on Together

Four seniors from La Jolla Country Day School experience an educational journey together

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Students graduating in 2020 have a lot in common, including the pandemic. But four seniors graduating from La Jolla Country Day School have more in common than one might imagine.

Keon Budiee, Sean Reed, Henry Little and Jackson Hamman have gone through kindergarten, elementary and high school together. It is not unusual for students at Country Day to go through K-12 grades together. 

What is unusual in this case, all four seniors will be going to Ohio Wesleyan University in the Midwest. They will all room together in a quad, and three will play lacrosse for OWU, while one student, Sean Reed, will play basketball for the university.

The athletes and scholars were asked if they are competitive with each other, they said, “Definitely, everything we do.”

Have they thought about what it would be like to live together? 

“We’re all very similar as people and friends It’s pretty easy to be able to get along in a room.”

Competitive? "Definitely everything we do."

Seniors from La Jolla Country Day School

They say the pandemic has brought them closer. They shared the disappointment of a canceled lacrosse season, which gave them perspective.

“It’s very minimal to what’s going on in the world right now,” Little said.

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