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Senior Residents Roll Up Their Sleeves for Confidence Booster

North County seniors receive Pfizer's booster shot Saturday

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They already rolled up their sleeves twice this year. Most of the residents at Belmont Village Senior Living in Cardiff by the Sea were ready to do it one more time Saturday.

“I’m here to get a booster shot,” exclaimed Nancy Blue. “There’s a nasty thing going around known as COVID and I would very much not like to get it.”

The 89-year-old joined a long line of residents for the recently approved Pfizer booster.

“It’s very important,” said 70-year-old Georgia Carter. “I would rather be safe than sorry.”

“This is a great day,” smiled Therese Farley of Belmont Village Senior Living.

Farley said the original vaccine was like a rebirth.

“Just to be able to have them get back to activities and outings and having family come in the building and go out with family,” said Farley. “Being able to be with your loved ones at this point in your life at any point in your life, particularly now, is the most important thing for them.”

Now, she said the booster is adding even more peace of mind.

“It’s all under control. We have it done,” said Carter.

“And that’s a big relief,” added Blue.

Farley said roughly 150 residents and staffers received their booster vaccine Saturday.

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