Sen. Kamala Harris: Increased Coronavirus Preparedness Needed, CA Reimbursement

Senator Harris told NBC 7 that local and state workers are setting the example for how the outbreak should be handled

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U.S. Senator Kamala Harris talked to NBC 7 about the spread of coronavirus across the United States at a political event Sunday, days after she sent a stern letter to the Trump administration condemning his response to the outbreak.

Some San Diegans told NBC 7 they’re not panicking and not rushing to buy supplies. But surgical masks were out of stock at a Home Depot in Mission Valley.

And at a North Park CVS, it was obvious customers were taking precautions and buying up all of the respirator masks. The shelves were empty where the masks are stocked.

This as the surgeon general warns Americans to stop purchasing them so they remain available for healthcare providers.

A few people shopping at the Mission Valley Costco chimed in on whether they were worried or stocking up on any extra supplies.

“Was just talking to my husband. Should we or shouldn’t we? But I think it’s just people are being a little bit paranoid,” said Escobedo.

But if you're a U.S. Senator you might have stronger words like Kamala Harris did.

“I think local governments and state governments are really frankly taking the burden on in a way that the federal government has not," she said.

Harris told NBC 7 her concern is the need for state reimbursement for all of the resources used to treat patients.

“I have been demanding and demanding of the administration that they address the needs that we are gonna have for preventative resources as well as early intervention, which includes, for example, the masks,” said Harris.

With the county's state of emergency status to give better access to resources and CDC’s improved testing kits on the way, some feel things will calm down.

"I’m pretty sure when I finish my first pack of Lysol this whole Coronavirus fear will have gone,” said Escobedo.

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