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Security Tight at KAABOO, Residents Sound Off About Local Impact of Festival

Some nearby residents are more concerned about what happens outside the gates.

San Diego Sheriff's Deputies are on alert in Del Mar, making sure everyone stays safe during KAABOO, a music and arts festival.

For many visitors, security during the large festival is a concern. 

But some nearby residents are more concerned about what happens outside the gates. 

Greg Rolfsmeyer has lived just steps away from the Del Mar Fairgrounds for the past 25 years.

"There were years when they had motorcycle races down there, that was terrible," Rolfsmeyer said.

He said the noise from the live music isn't too big of a deal for him, but what is a big deal for him are the cars lining every street. 

When visitors come back to their cars after a night of fun, they are not always the most considerate.

"They have a tendency to still be partying and kind of loud and sometimes they leave beer cans and bottles in the yard," he said.

Other Del Mar residents, like Andrew Berlin, says events like these only make Del Mar an even better place to live. 

He has decided to embrace the event along with many of his neighbors, setting up shop in their backyard.

"Good music, a little bit late, what's the harm," Berlin said. "It's part of being a local and living here a while and knowing what’s what."

DJs perform until the early morning hours. Organizers tell NBC 7 those shows are in tents to help cut down on the noise impact to nearby residents.

KAABOO runs Friday, Sept. 16 to Sunday, Sept. 18.

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