Security Experts Fear More Weaponized Drone Attacks

The concerns come after an assassination attempt on a world leader

Experts are concerned that weaponized drones could become a severe security threat around the world as technology continues to advance. 

In August, there was a drone assassination attempt on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. Two drones exploded overhead as he was giving a speech. 

Targets of the attacks are not just heads of state but could be concerts, sporting events, stadiums and other places where thousands of people gather. 

Citadel Defense Company in National City created technology that will immediately land any drone. They said the Navy and military uses their technology, as well as U.S. Customs and Border Patrol. 

“We’ve seen significant traction across the border for transporting drugs," said Christopher Williams, Chief Operating Officer of Citadel Defense Company. “There is the potential to transport munitions.” 

The drone-landing gear can also be used during wildfires and car chases, where illegally flying drones could put emergency responders in harm's way. 

The box that Citadel developed has antennas on it that passively survey the RF spectrum. 

"Proprietary algorithms can identify when a drone is in the airspace," added Williams. 

When the box detects a drone, it can land it without much impact to the overall spectrum, Williams said. 

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