Security Measures Taken at Comic-Con 2019

Thousands of people spent Saturday at Comic-Con and at the Gaslamp Quarter. San Diego Police shared with NBC 7 some of the strategies they are using to keep everyone safe.

When people go to Comic-Con they can count on one thing, being surrounded by thousands of people.

"The crowds are always intense,” says Sarah Young who is attending Comic-Con. “There's always a lot to see, there's a lot to do but it is a lot of high energy.”

Protecting everyone is a big job and NBC 7 talked to San Diego Police about what security measures are being taken.

They said most officers are on foot. It's because the crowds are so big, if there's a situation officers can get there faster if they run. There are also a lot plain clothed officers in the crowd.

"Security is doing the best they can but it's a lot of people to navigate,” adds Young, “So you never know who you're interacting with but they're doing a good job keeping it under control."

The police command center is parked in the Gaslamp Quarter for the weekend and there are two towers. SDPD tells NBC 7 the Coronado Police Department loaned SDPD its tower with a video feed to help make this area even more secure.

If you are going to the last day of Comic-Con, police recommend taking an alternate form of transportation because there is a lot of traffic.

And, if you see something suspicious tell an officer or call 911.

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