San Diego

Law Enforcement Ready as San Diego Pride Festival Starts

Over 200,000 people are expected to come to San Diego this weekend for the Pride Festival.

The festival is expected to attract more people than ever, leading some security experts to worry that it could be a "soft target," or a place where violent acts could be planned in a massive crowd.

"We’ve seen a fifty percent increase in the folks that want to participate in the parade itself," said Director of Operations for San Diego Pride, Fernando Lopez.

He added the festival is working with the San Diego Police Department, San Diego County Sheriff's Department and FBI to keep attendees safe.

According to the San Diego Police Department, on Tuesday a portion of University Avenue was shut down near the nightclub, Flicks, in Hillcrest for a report of a suspicious black leather bag.

Police said they shut down the area because the bag was on a ledge and was hard to get to. It turned out to be nothing more than an empty bag. Officers added they will remain just as vigilant during the festival.

"We have security in places that you won't be able to see," said San Diego Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman. "We'll have cameras, officers in plain clothing, and a plan for more resources that we can get in a moment's notice."

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