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Secret Cave Dwelling Discovered in Sunset Cliffs

San Diego police are trying to find the people who turned a cave along Sunset Cliffs into a living space complete with curtains, three beds and art on the wall. 

NBC 7 has reported on people living in caves formed by erosion along the popular cliffs near Point Loma. In 2015, we went to the area with geologist Pat Abbott to talk about the danger of such dwellings.

When we returned to the area Tuesday following a tip from a local photographer, NBC 7 found a cave at the end of Osprey Street that was set up like an apartment with beds, clothing and cleaning supplies. 

"It's a little disheartening to see them living there and then going to the top of the cliff to use them as a restroom," said local photographer Jim Grant who went with us to check out the dwelling.

"I feel a little bit sorry for them but I also don't understand how they can abuse just a beautiful location like we have here," he said.

Three men were near the cave and left quickly after NBC 7 and Grant arrived. 

One of them told NBC 7 he was staying in the cave because he was from Hawai'i and lost his home. 

San Diego police told us they have received complaints about the cave and the people living there through the city's Get It Done app. SDPD officials said they are waiting to catch the tenants in the act. 

When we reported on this issue four years ago, San Diego lifeguards said they are more concerned with what happens in the water but will issue a citation if they see someone living inside a cave in the cliffs.

One cave near Orchard Avenue and Cable Street that was a source of frustration for residents in the summer of 2015 was eventually demolished. 

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