Second Car Sought in Deadly Interstate 15 Hit-and-Run

A woman was killed on Interstate 15 on Oct. 28, 2015, likely struck by more than one car

Investigators are now seeking a second car that may have been involved in a hit-and-run that left a woman dead on the side on the freeway, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) announced Friday.

San Diego CHP said investigators are looking for a white Nissan SUV seen leaving the area of southbound Interstate 15 south of Interstate 805 just before 2 a.m. Wednesday after a woman was struck and killed in a hit-and-run collision.

Officials said the vehicle of interest likely has minor to moderate damage to its right front fender and quarter panel sustained in the incident. Anyone who spots the car should contact authorities.

The initial report of the hit-and-run Wednesday came from a passerby who called CHP to report what looked like a mannequin near the I-15. Investigators said there were also reports earlier of a pedestrian with a shopping cart walking along the freeway just one mile north of where the victim’s body was later found, though it is unclear if this pedestrian was the woman who was hit and killed.

Investigators said the hit-and-run victim, now identified as 54-year-old Charlotte Gonzales, was dragged several feet in the roadway before the driver or drivers who hit her fled the scene. Several other cars swerved to avoid hitting her. Gonzales died of severe blunt force trauma, officials confirmed.

About three hours later, officers with the Coronado Police Department stopped the driver of a green Kia Rio near Silverstand Boulevard and Tarawa Road on suspicion of driving under the influence. An officer noticed damage to the vehicle and what was described as “flesh debris” on the bumper, according to CHP officials.

CHP investigators said they believed the damage to the Kia consistent with the findings of the ongoing I-15 hit-and-run investigation. That driver and a passenger were detained, questioned and ultimately released to Coronado police to determine if they were involved in the I-15 hit-and-run, the CHP said Thursday.

With a second vehicle of interest now sought in this case, the investigation continued Friday.

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