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SeaWorld San Diego Unveils ‘Submarine Quest' Ride for New Realm

An exciting new ride will soon debut at SeaWorld San Diego.

Submarine Quest was unveiled to park guests Wednesday morning.

It will feature SmartPlay technology, a first-of-its kind, according to the park.

“Submarine Quest as part of Ocean Explorer is gonna be an unbelievable adventure into the deep sea," said SeaWorld social media guide Mike Price. 'And not only would [guests] be having a good time moving through the realm, but there is gonna be digital aspects to the ride that’ll let you actually fight and help to save marine life.”

The ride is the newest addition to SeaWorld's Ocean Explorer realm which has multiple aquariums, rides and digital technologies to immerse guests in sea exploration.

“It’s a brand new experience for our park," Price said.

He added that Ocean Explorer gives guests real and amazing experiences where they can meet giant pacific octopuses, spider crabs, and deep sea fish, among other marine life.

“For us it’s about inspiring our guests to not only explore the ocean, but act to protect it,” Price told NBC 7.

Subamarine Quest will be on display at the front of the park until Ocean Explorer officially opens this summer.

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