Seasonal Hires May Lead to Full-Time Jobs

With fall in full swing, the seasonal hiring period has begun and that part-time job could turn into a bigger, better opportunity

With fall in full swing, there are thousands of jobs opening up soon. Although those jobs are part-time, seasonal jobs could very well turn into full-time opportunities.

This is the time that Christmas season positions are being filled by part-time hires. Yet, employment experts say any job is better than no job when you are looking for work.

Phil Blair with Manpower Staffing San Diego says a part-time job is a foot in the door for future employment.

"Offer to work overtime, you show initiative, you make suggestions," said Blair. "Get to know the management, the supervisors, let them know you would like to continue on."

Of the 70,000 seasonal jobs available at Amazon last year, 5,000 led to full-time employment. Target says a third of their seasonal workers were offered year-round positions at their stores.

But what if you don't want to work at a department store or in retail? Blair says get the job first, then look for a better one.

"It's better than not working," said Blair. "You can also continue to look for your dream job or a job that's longer term while you are on a seasonal job."

It looks better on a resume to have a job than to explain you are unemployed. And, as Blair says, you might be surprised what can open up after taking a part-time position.

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