Search Planned for Missing Teen

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The cases of Chelsea King and Amber Dubois are calling attention to other cases of missing people -- including a 16-year-old boy from the North County.

Mickey Guidry from San Marcos disappeared during a Thanksgiving camping trip last year in the Anza Borrego Desert near Ocotillo Wells.

Family friend Chris Crawford says Mickey was put on restriction by his parents, but took a family car to where his friends were camping. He didn’t have driver’s license. His friends gave him some gas money and told him to go home. Instead, he went driving alone in the desert and his car got stuck.

"I don't know if he walked out and somebody picked him up or if he didn't make it out or what," Crawford said.

He says Mickey thinks he’s invincible and probably got in over his head.

"He's a good kid he's just a 16-year-old knucklehead,” family friend Chris Crawford said.

It's been nearly four months and there is still no sign of the North County teenager.  A search is planned Saturday in the area Mickey was last seen.

The family of Escondido teenager Amber Dubois has spoken publicly about the case -- urging people to help find Mickey.

Mickey's family has set-up a Facebook page to help in the search. The case was initially classified as a runaway but the Facebook page says it's been changed to a missing person case.

Mickey's car was reportedly found disabled in a very remote section of the desert with his personal items still inside.  Pictures of the car on the Facebook page show the driver's side bumper and side view mirror had been torn off, the right front wheel appears to be worn down to the rim.

Another website is helping organize a search for Mickey Saturday at 9 a.m. Volunteers are asked to meet at the large parking area north west of the 78 near Highway S-2.  A map of the area on the website shows the exact location -- it's east of Julian in the Anza Borrego Desert State Park where the teenager went camping last Thanksgiving and his car was found.

The site describes the expansive search area as remote and rugged and asks that volunteers be aware of their fitness levels and come prepared with water, snacks, hiking gear and sun block.

According to the search website, the plan for Saturday is to split volunteers into several large groups one will include off-road vehicles while others will search on foot.

The San Diego Sheriff's department has classified the case as a "runaway" and are still pursuing leads, but they say Guidry has a history of runaway attempts.

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