Search Efforts Expand for Missing Woman

Josephina Yolanda Lopez went missing over the weekend

Search efforts are resuming Wednesday morning for a woman who went missing over the holiday weekend.

San Diego Police are focusing their search efforts near Otay Mesa where Josephina Yolanda Lopez was last seen.

“They're out on foot in the canyons, they also have an all-terrain vehicle that's out there, and they have a few dogs they've taken. We've re-interviewed all the family members,” said San Diego Police Lieutenant Natalie Stone.

The San Diego County Sheriff's Search and Rescue team are also helping police find the 58-year-old Long Beach woman. Lopez was in town for the holidays, staying with her sister, when she went missing last Friday.

“Our hugest challenge right now is that we know she's familiar with the area but there's been a certain amount of elapsed time over a couple of days that we're not exactly sure where she could've gone,” said Stone.

She was spotted outside of a Laundromat along Palm Avenue and Picador Boulevard, then across the street outside of a CVS where police reviewed surveillance cameras.

“But the cameras, unfortunately during that time of the day, the sun was shining in and so all it is a blur,” said Lt. Stone.

While police do not suspect foul play, Lopez suffers from type 2 diabetes and bipolar disorder, adding more urgency to the search.

“Reason why we’re out here today is we consider it at this point to be a missing person at risk because of her health conditions,” said Lt. Stone.

In the meantime, Lopez' son is only holding out hope that she will be found safe.

“I've lost a parent already and I don't want to think that way right now...losing another one,” said Benjamin Lopez.

San Diego Police units are combing the South Bay.

The San Diego County Sheriff’s Office will resume their search in the Otay Mesa area at 8 a.m. Wednesday.

If you have any information that may help find Josephina Yolanda Lopez, call the San Diego Police Department at 619-531-2000 or Detective Mo Parga at 619-531-2277.

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