SDUSD Votes to Reinstate Teaching Positions

More than $36 million is needed from the state to increase teaching positions

The San Diego Unified School District board approved a motion to increase teaching positions next fall. The vote to restore funding was split 3-2, with Scott Barnett and John Lee Evans opposing.

In order for SDUSD to reinstate 540 positions across the district, it will need to receive $36 million from the state. Since a budget has yet to be passed by California legislators, it is uncertain if the funding will be granted.

"They voted to recall a number of teachers when the budget…. we still have over 400 teachers to bring back,” Bill Freeman, president of the San Diego Education Association, said.

The majority of the potentially reinstated jobs are teaching positions at 29 schools that would boost student teacher ratios.

The board also voted to reinstate music and arts funding at all schools in the district.

Voice of San Diego reported that following the vote, board member Barnett walked out of the meeting after a disagreement with fellow board member Kevin Beiser.

The San Diego Unified School District still faces an overwhelming budget deficit in the years to come.

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