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SDUSD Requests Clothing Donations to Help Hurricane-Ravaged Houston

Local schools are asking for donations to help address the immediate need for children's clothing and school uniforms after Hurricane Harvey pummeled Houston with catastrophic rainfall.

The San Diego Unified School District sent out a plea for donations on their website. According to their post, the Houston Independent School District needs children's clothes of all sizes, that are clean and in reasonably good condition.

The torrential downpour left about 50 schools flooded in Houston, according to the post. School officials said many families are staying in less-damaged schools. They often lack extra clothes or school supplies.

Families need help after losing their home and most of their belongings, said school officials.

If you'd like to donate clothing and supplies to the hurricane victims, send packages to Delmar Stadium, 2020 Mangum Road, Houston, Texas, 77092, according to the post.

The Houston Independent School District Foundation is also accepting donations to help the Houston schools.

This guide has further information about how to help the groups responding to the hurricane.

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