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SDUSD Leaders Urge City Council to Protect Renters Through Next Year

San Diego City Council President Georgette Gómez is proposing to extend the eviction moratorium until March 31, 2021

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San Diego Unified School District leaders are urging city councilmembers to extend protections for renters until next March by expanding the city’s eviction moratorium.

Leaders from SDUSD wrote in a statement on Sunday that they urge the San Diego City Council to vote in favor of Council President Georgette Gómez’s proposal to give renters until March 31, 2021 to pay back their rent without repercussions.

“We know our families are some of the hardest working people in San Diego, and they should not lose their homes because they have lost their jobs due to a national recession caused by a global pandemic,” Board President John Lee Evans said in a statement.

Right now, renters in America’s Finest City are protected from eviction until Sept. 30, when the current moratorium will expire.

Board members said it is important that families keep their homes as children look forward to more online learning this upcoming new school year due to the coronavirus pandemic. SDUSD students are slated to return to distance learning on Aug. 31.

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“That means many families are using their apartments and homes as classrooms, so their students can continue with their education online,” Board Vice President Richard Barrera. “This measure from President Gómez will protect these families and give our students the stability they desperately need and deserve.”

City councilmembers will consider Gómez’s measure at their meeting on Tuesday.

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