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SDUSD Board Vice President Subject of Derogatory Facebook Post

The VP sees the attack as an opportunity to Clear Up Misinformation on Social Media

The Vice President of the San Diego Unified School Board was the target of serious attacks on social media now being investigated by law enforcement.

The attacks stem from the board’s decision to adopt an anti-bullying policy to protect Muslim students.

Since the board adopted that policy on April 25, talk on social media has been focused on what the board did or did not do.

Videos posted on YouTube incorrectly claim the district is implementing Sharia Law, the Law of Islam.

The videos include one showing the meeting when the board adopted its new policy, which was then linked to a Facebook post written by a man from Washington state. That post gives out the address and phone number of board vice president Kevin Beiser.

It ends with the words, “Have at it boys."

“If he doesn’t want to be attacked, he should be a little more circumspect in calling people haters and Islamaphobes,” said Roger Ogden, an activist behind several anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant websites. “I'm not surprised he got attacked.”

Ogden posted the video clip linked to what NBC7 has learned are several Facebook posts from the Washington man targeting Beiser.

Ogden said he cannot control what people link to their Facebook page. He said Beiser should realize that if you're going to do something controversial, these things will happen.

“I would rather it not happen,” Ogden said. “But I would rather Beiser not teach Islam to kids more.”

Beiser's response was marked in disbelief, but he also sees the attacks as an opportunity to set the record straight about what the board approved.

“I just can't imagine why protecting children would be a controversial issue.” 

Under the new policy, Beiser says Islamic holidays, like other religious holidays, will be added to the school calendar. He says it is not so the holidays will be celebrated, but so that people are aware of them. And like other religions, Beiser says, Islam will be taught in social studies classes.

As for the attacks, Beiser says he's just tryimg to do his job.

“How do I react? Do I change the way I fight for our kids, or do I make sure I do my due diligence to articulate and communicate what we’re doing to make sure people understand we are not implementing Sharia law. All we’re trying to do is keep our kids safe.”

It is possible charges could be filed for giving out Beiser's personal information to harass or instill fear.

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