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SDUSD Board Trustee Plans to Fight Misconduct Allegations in Court

San Diego Unified School District board member Kevin Beiser, facing sexual misconduct allegations and calls from fellow board members to resign, said he plans to fight the allegations in court.

Beiser made the remarks to NBC 7 following Tuesday's closed-session school board meeting.

“With regard to the allegations, I do intend to defend myself aggressively against these allegations in a court of law," Beiser said. "I believe that in court, once all the information is presented, that I will be vindicated of these allegations.”

He did not specifically say that he wasn't going to resign, and responded to further questions with "That's all I'm saying at this time."

On April 23, Beiser appeared at his first hearing since the misconduct allegations became public. He had missed four prior to that, and only one of the absences was excused.

A former political consultant filed a lawsuit accusing Beiser of sexual harassment and creating a hostile work environment. When asked at the last meeting if he had anything to say, Beiser answered “not yet.”

In a written statement released after the lawsuit was filed, Beiser said there is no truth to the allegations and said they were politically motivated.

The board unanimously called for Beiser’s resignation in April, and at the April 23 meeting board Vice President John Lee Evans said the call for Beiser’s resignation stands.

District police had to escort Beiser to his car following the meeting.

According to another trustee, Beiser's seat would have to be vacant for three months for it to be vacated.

NBC 7 has learned through court documents that a process server needed several tries to serve Beiser and his husband with legal papers at Beiser’s Serra Mesa home.

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