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SDUSD Application Gives Parents ‘School Choice'

San Diego Unified School District is accepting applications to a program that gives parents some freedom in selecting where their child will go to school. 

The Enrollment Options Choice applications are open through November 13th for the 2019-2020 academic school year. 

The program known as School Choice allows parents to pick up to three schools they would like for their child to attend. They must specify the reasoning, which includes commuting convenience or because of specific STEM and visual arts curriculums. 

"Many of them are looking for a second language for their child to be part of a global society," said Marceline Marques, the Operations Support Officer for San Diego Unified School District. "We have about 30 schools that offer classes in Spanish, French or Mandarin."

Parents are able to apply online via San Diego Unified website or in person at the Enrollment Office located on 4100 Normal Street, Annex 12. There is then a lottery held in mid-February to determine the school selection. 

"We believe that all of our schools are high-quality schools, no matter which school your child is enrolled in,”" said Marques. 

The district said they receive about 10,000 applications annually and are able to successfully pair 75% of students with their top picks. 

"I don’t want my son to lose his first language that is Spanish," said parent Gabriella Zamora. "That’s why I am choosing this program, the dual program so he can learn another language like Spanish and French."

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