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SDUSD Announces Plans to Reopen Schools, But Questions Remain

Parent Ashley Adler tells NBC 7, "I literally have no expectations of anything of what's to come."

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The San Diego Unified School District approved a plan to reopen schools on August 31, giving parents the option to continue online learning, or going back to school. But there are a lot of details to be worked out. 

“Over the next couple of months as school plans happen, that’s when parents will be in a position to make a decision,” said SDUSD Board Vice President Richard Barrera. “They’re going to have more information about what this looks like, specifically at their school."

Barrera said each school will look different, depending on its physical space, number of students, and the percentage of students bused to the campus.

“All of the issues need to be dealt with, school by school,” he said.

Barrera said public health guidelines will be followed.  

“That will happen. What we can’t guarantee is what those public health guidelines will look like two months from now because those guidelines change all the time,” Barrera said.

Barrera said the district will also be talking with public health officials to determine what can be done to make restrictive guidelines work for schools and students.

“That again will happen over the next couple of months. We can’t say today, this is when your student will need to wear a mask, it will become more clear by the time school starts,” he said.  

We can't say today this is when your student will wear a mask, it will become clear by the time school starts.

Richard Barrera, SDUSD Board Vice President

As for online learning, Barrera said it will be standardized across the district and will be more structured.

“It’s not going to be hit or miss, depending on who your teacher is or what’s going on,” Barrera said.

The district will send parents a survey Thursday to get input on reopening. 

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