SDSU Protesters Meet With University President

Posters identifying individual students as terrorists or terrorist supporters were spread throughout campus last week.

Protesters who surrounded San Diego State University's president as he left his office last week met Monday with administrators.

Students from SDSU’s Justice in Palestine and Muslim Student Association met with university leaders, including President Elliot Hirshman, to discuss signs that were posted throughout campus.

Last week, students swarmed President Hirshman after administrators did not openly condemn the posters, which identified specific individuals as terrorists or terrorist enthusiasts.

After Monday's meeting, a joint statement was released concluding the conference allowed both sides to express concerns as well as agree that protecting members of SDSU is a priority.

“We concluded by agreeing that in cases where racism, islamophobia, misogyny, homophobia and all forms of bigotry result, we abhor the content of such expressions, even as we recognize the protected status of these expressions,” read the university’s statement.

The signs were originally created by the David Horowitz Freedom Center, which describes themselves on their website as an organization that "combats the efforts of the radical left and its Islamist allies to destroy American values and disarm this country as it attempts to defend itself in a time of terror."

Moving forward, student organizations such as the Muslim Student Association, Associated Students and the University Senate will work together to review the school’s guidelines to allow freedom of expression while also protecting members of the community from harassment.

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