SDSU Student Arrested in Sex Assault

Francisco Sousa, 20, was arrested on counts of oral copulation and false imprisonment

A San Diego State University student has been arrested in connection to a reported sexual assault.

Francisco Paiva Sousa, 20, was arrested Monday on charges of oral copulation with force and false imprisonment with force, according to campus police.

“It was really surprising because we all knew him, and we lived in the same dorm," said SDSU sophomore Jaylene Ignacio. "Everyone in the sophomore class right now knows him.”

The assault allegedly happened Saturday at 5074 College Avenue, according to officials.

Just as one SDSU student was arrested for a recent sexual assault, protesters stormed the school’s administration office to demand change, saying the school isn’t doing enough to prevent such incidents. NBC 7’s Greg Bledsoe reports.

Sousa was released from jail Wednesday after posting bond on a $100,000 bail, officials said. He is scheduled to be arraigned Dec. 18.

Sousa's arrest came on the same day as a protest against the university’s handling of sexual assault on campus. There have been 13 sexual assaults reported this semester, according to data provided to NBC 7 by the university.

Of those 13 incidents, nine were classified as rape, three as oral copulation and one as sexual penetration. Seven happened at locations classified as a fraternity, five occurred in residence halls and one at the Granada Apartments, according to the data.

With the exception of Sousa, no arrests have been made in any of these cases, according to university spokeswoman Beth Downing Chee. Chee also noted that all the alleged assaults happened between acquaintances, not strangers.

Still, some students say SDSU isn’t doing enough.

"I personally think about it every time I walk by myself at night," one student said at Tuesday's protest.

"Where has President Hirshman been? If the campus is really trying to change what's going on, where is he? He has time to go to a 'Les Mis' concert on Sunday but doesn't have time to meet with us," said another.

SDSU Title IX Coordinator Jessica Rentto admits the university needs to do a better job communicating its actions to students.

"I don't want you to think we're sitting here thinking that everything we do is perfect. We're constantly challenging how we do things and looking to see if there is a better way," Rentto said.

After several reports of sexual assaults, San Diego State University’s Greek community has suspended all social activities for fraternities and sororities. NBC 7’s Liberty Zabala reports on Nov. 26, 2014.

Last month, the SDSU Greek community voluntarily suspended all social activities after fraternity members allegedly threw eggs at the protesters during a march to end sexual violence.

Editor's Note: Campus police originally reported the alleged assault happened at a specific campus fraternity house. Police later said the incident happened at 5074 College Avenue. We have made the correction and regret the error.

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