SDSU Releases Results of Campus Sexual Violence Survey

15% students reported experiencing some type of sexual violence

About 15 percent of students at San Diego State University (SDSU) say they have experienced some type of sexual violence on campus, according to survey results released Thursday afternoon.

The Campus Sexual Violence Survey was sent out to all 30,000 students at SDSU and more than 9,000 students participated.

Students were asked questions about their attitudes and beliefs towards sexual violence, bystander intervention and the prevalence of sexual violence on campus.

“15 percent of our students reported experiencing some type of sexual violence. That can include anything from unwanted kissing, rubbing, touching to something like rape,” said Jessica Rentto, SDSU’s Associate Vice President of Administration.

Rentto says the number is less than the national average but it’s still high. Sexual violence is an issue at all college campuses. 

“Next steps for the University is taking that data, really looking at it to determine what are the different factors that are playing into the attitudes and beliefs and as well as the incidents of sexual violence and better targeting our educational efforts to end the violence,” she said.

Results were released during a community-wide awareness event at the Conrad Prebys Aztec Student Union. The event coincides with Take Back the Week, an annual event organized by student group Aztecs for Awareness.

Students will also march on campus in solidarity and remembrance for victims of sexual violence Thursday evening.

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