San Diego

7-Year-Girl Found Alone in Barrio Logan Reunited with Mother

San Diego Police (SDPD) reunited a young girl with her parents after she was found alone in Barrio Logan Friday night.

Police said 7-year-old Samantha was found unaccompanied on the 2900 block of Main Street at around 7 p.m. Thursday.

People in the neighborhood had discovered the little girl walking by herself. She could not remember her phone number or address, police said.

Officers walked with Samantha hoping she would remember or recognize something familar. After several blocks, police said Samantha saw her mother, aunt and sister looking for her on Boston Avenue.

Samantha's mom, Deeana Mendralla, told NBC 7 her daughter was at her friend’s house and wandered off the property and got lost.

"She probably walked out the gate with her friends," said Mendralla. "And she knows better."

The two embraced each other with hugs and kisses and returned to their home less than a block away from Samantha's friend's house. Mendralla said Samantha was found near a bar.

SDPD said they advise all parents to make sure your kids know your home address and phone number in the event that they ever get lost.

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