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SDPD Releases Video of Chase, Standoff, Police Shooting of Fugitive at San Diego High School

The nearly 10-minute video released by SDPD Thursday showed snippets of the April 12 incident with wanted suspect Christopher Marquez from the perspective of a law enforcement helicopter and body-worn camera

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San Diego police released footage Thursday that shows a chase and standoff with a man wanted for several altercations with police that ultimately ended with officers shooting the man at San Diego High School.

Christopher Marquez, 36 -- a fugitive wanted for two altercations with law enforcement -- was shot and killed after two SWAT officers fired a round each when they believed he was going to shoot Janeth Iriarte, 33, a woman who had been on the run with him and who appeared to be in a hostage situation at the time, according to the San Diego Police Department.

The video released Thursday begins with aerial helicopter footage showing what is suspected to be Marquez's vehicle being chased at high speeds by National City and San Diego police on April 12. The chase started in the Point Loma/Midway area and continued area freeways.

During the chase, an officer from the ASTREA helicopter above calls out that shots are being fired from the vehicle on multiple occasions. SDPD said shots were fired on at least three occasions.

The chase leads into downtown San Diego, and eventually comes to a halt at San Diego High School, where Marquez and Iriarte jump out of the vehicle and run across the school's football field and campus before finding a dumpster to hide in, the video shows.

At one point, the video highlights what appears to be a rifle in Marquez' hand. SDPD said a rifle and handgun were recovered at the scene.

The pair stayed holed up in the dumpster for 11 hours before the standoff reached a breaking point the next morning.

The video released by SDPD then switches to body camera footage from the two SWAT officers who ultimately fire on Marquez. While not much can be seen, audio captures the officers discussing what they are seeing -- believing they are witnessing a hostage situation, according to police.

"Yeah, she wants to go," one officer says. "He doesn't want to let her is what it looks like and she looked like she was kinda crying. She's got her hands over her face now."

Just a day after schools reopened for in-class instruction, several downtown San Diego were forced to return to online class due to an hourslong standoff. NBC 7’s Audra Stafford has details for you.

Police said in a statement that "throughout the negotiations, the man became more agitated and apparently turned his anger towards the woman with him."

In another clip, the second SWAT officer says, "Just for clarification, she's been trying to get out. He's been pulling her back in. So, this is like a classic hostage situation from what we're seeing up here."

The video then jumps to the moment shots are fired on Marquez by both SWAT officers. At that moment, they believed Marquez was going to shoot the woman, according to SDPD.

"He's holding her. He's holding her back," one officer says. "Oh, I see a gun. I got a gun."

After a brief moment, the second officer announces he has a clear view of Marquez and a gunshot rings out.

"He's down. He's down," the second officer says.

Officers then approach Iriarte and pull her from the dumpster. Iriarte was unharmed. Marquez was pronounced dead at the scene.

Who Was Christopher Marquez?

Christopher Marquez, 36, has been on the run since at least mid-March after he allegedly shot a bounty hunter in Chula Vista. A month later, he was accused of opening fire of National City police officers.

“Based on what I’m talking about here, he’s shot at officers last night. He’s shot at our officers a week ago. He’s shot at bail bondsmen," Capt. Hernandez said about Marquez on the night of the standoff. "He’s a very dangerous person.”

A manhunt had been underway for Marquez since at least March 16, when he allegedly shot a bounty hunter in Chula Vista. The bounty hunter suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

Weeks later, authorities said he was the suspect in a shootout with a National City police officer on April 5. Marquez was able to elude capture after both of those events, police said.

NBC 7 combed through court records filed downtown and in Chula Vista to piece together Marquez's lengthy criminal history, which spanned more than 18 years and included charges of attempted murder, shooting at police, and a variety of theft and drug counts.

Read about those incidents here or below.

The deadly shooting of Marquez remains under investigation by SDPD's Homicide Unit. Once they conclude their investigation, it will be under review by the San Diego County District Attorney's Office to determine if the officers who fired their weapons should face any criminal liability. SDPD said the newly formed Commission on Police Practices will also review the incident.

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